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DVD Copying Software


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Im looking for a good DVD copy software that is overall amazing in everything. Anyone have any suggestions/experenice on what they think is just awesome.

I hear, Nero, AnyDVD/CloneDVD/DVDFab are great software, but what software is the best to use all around.
AnyDVD will pull out the protection and can rip to ISO for you. CloneDVD is based on the same tech as AnyDVD.

DVDShrink will remove protection and squash a DVD to fit on DVD5 media.
I prefer ripping a disc at its original size using AnyDVD & CloneDVD to remove the unwanted garbage and then using DVD Rebuilder Pro with either a multi-pass CCE re-encode or HC quality mode re-encode when shrinking a DL DVD to an SL backup. Re-encoding using HC or CCE will always blow away the transcoding quality of DVD Shrink, DVDFab, Nero Recode, or CloneDVD.

There is no perfect one software solution so the best one can do is pick the best product for each part of the process.
Honestly, there is no singular application that can really do EVERYTHING just fine. Believe me, I've tested them all.

Here's what I usually use:

DVDShrink is my first try
DVDDecrypter then DVDShrink

Now, if I'm backing up HD-DVD or BluRay:

BD Rebuilder
And then I'm testing Blu-Ray DVD Decrypter

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