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DVD Copy Software?


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I've tried Nero, CloneDVD2, and Intervideo DVDCopy 3 so far and they all tell me that the cd is copy protected and then I can't copy it! (duh)

So what do I do? I'm new to this DVD burning and any help would be great! Thanks in advance.

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DVD Shrink, trust me it works, but......on newer dvds it stops encoding at like 15% or 18% well, whateer percent, but, is there away around the newer dvds to rip them? im judt wondering but dude, dvd shrink is very good and will do good on dvds, trust me i been using it for about 6 months
For backup purposes use DVD Decrypter (freeware) and DVD Shrink 3.2 to compress the DVD or whatever. In spite of what others may say about circumventing copy protection schemes etc, these two programmes only provide the same facilities as the latest version of Nero, the only difference is you need to be an expert to use Nero in the way these two programmes work together.

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Windows Perfectionist
Thanks guys, Shrink works great! I've already burned off a movie and it worked perfectly.

I have a few questions tho

Under the "Quality Settings" tab just before you start decoding, it says:

__ Perform deep analysis before backup to improve quality

__ Compress Video with high quality adaptive error compensation
[I'm given the following options here:
Maximum smoothness
Sharp (Default)
Maximum shapness]

I'm wondering what do I use here?


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nope, ive tried all the programs mentioned in this thread and the only two that really work as intended are dvd shrink, and dvd decrypter, ive copied over 100 dvd's using dvd shrink and no problems! one dvd (ice age special edition) told me it couldnt copy it, use dvd decrypter first, then use dvd shrink. and it worked, so im not looking at any more programs these are the only two ill consider using in the future too. just keep getting the latest verrsions

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