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DVD/CD Writer problem

I am running a duel boot with XP Pro and Vista Ultimate.
The problem is, that under XP Pro everything works fine but when running Vista the DVD/CD does not appear to work. When I put any sort of disk in the drive it still tells me to insert disk. The drive shows up in My Computer and Device Manager but it just can't read disks. This suddenly happened about 3 weeks ago, until then it was working fine.
Any Ideas ?


OSNN Junior Addict
Try shutting down & unplug DVD, startup and check device is gone from hardware list, remove if needed. Shut down and reconnect, restart and see if it now works. Looks as if a Windows update may have upset it.
Also you could check your restore points to see if they go back far enough (before the problem) and do a system restore. This should not effect your recent data files, but will remove any updates or programs installed since.
To be safe backup to external device if you have one.

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