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DVD CD Rom thingy ma jig.



I was wondering if this has happened to anyone else?

I was playing 'The Cures greatest hits' disk 2 and when it gets to track 17 and 18, it starts to bounce and skip. So I cleaned it, still did it, cleaned the optic the same again, then stuck it in the cd rom drive and it works fine, so has this happened to anyone else, did you find a solution?

I will just use cd rom drive to play disks, but I think my dvd writer may be on it's last legs, even though I have used it maybe 10 times to burn disks.

What do you think?


Chamone M*tha Fu*ka
Are these burned disks or originals? I have burnt quite a few disks now and corruption begins at tracks >15. I am presuming it's burn speed. Lower it to <40 or more and see if it rectifies the problem.


The Analog Kid
Disc reflectivity and error levels plays a major factor in drives reading discs. Some drives handle variations better than others. What I suggest is using an "secure" ripper like EAC to rip the disc to hard drive.

And yes, even brand new, "original" discs can contain errors, mastering errors or inconsistencies that cause them not to play correctly. Even worse is if they are CDS copy protected discs that have intentionally mastered C2 errors.

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