DVD/CD burner combo drive can't burn CDs!


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17 Jan 2004
My new LG-4040B multi drive can't burn CDs. I'm using Nero 6.0 and I've tried DAO and TAO but neither one works. There is another option TAO/96 but I have no idea what that is (and I'm tired of burning coasters). When using disk at once i get an "Illegal block size error" when it's finalizing the CD, and when using disc at once I get a "could not perform end track" and "session fixation error".

I've tried burning at max speed (24X) and at 16X but still no luck.

Burning DVD's works perfectly, but I need to burn CDs so that I can change the ones I have in my car, those are getting old really fast!

PLEASE HELP ME!!! I've attached the Nero log if that helps, I can't make heads or tails of it.


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perhaps try a diff brand cdr if you got one ... some drives are very picky ..
thanks guys but it turns out that one of the mp3 i was trying to burn was corrupt, and it just happened to be the last one...
sorry for this stupid mistake

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