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DVD burning problem with Vista

I have Vista x64 installed and nero 7, when i burn dvd files to a dvd it will play fine on PC but when played through standalone it is very jerky and jumpy, all is in sync. Anyone know of a fix for this or what the problems is. I have even updated Nero to 7.10
It sounds like poor quality on the burned DVD. That could be the type of media, dirt, the burner, the player in question. You need to rule out each, one at time.

1) Find another player to try it in. I have 3. The two cheapo's play anything the "good" one is finicky with burned media.
2) Play a DVD burned on another computer on your player that is having problems.
3) Try a different brand of DVD blank. Check out cdfreaks.com for recommendations.

Lastly it could be some form of copy protection if this is a copy of a commercial DVD. They are doing ugly things to the DVD images and menus on the originals to confuse copying. A PC playback program may be smart enough to ignore the intentional damage but a home entertainment DVD won't be as smart.

4) Try different ripping software.
Thanks for that LeeJend but,

1. I have tried other players
2. Didnt have problems using XP Pro
3. Been using same brand for years.
only started sinch using vist and nero 7.
These are divx file i have and i have tried using Converttodivx and winavi both with the same effects. I have even tried converting on my laptop and then transferring back to the vista machine(only one with dvd burner) same results so it must be vista or nero

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I use it for all files I convert and it has never let me down. I perform a double pass for encoding mode (more button, video options, dvd-video tab) which takes longer (converted files are checked for errors a second time) so you may want to use single.
If you already have the DIVX files just use a different burner program, there are multiple freeware available.

If the problem stays then it's down to the VISTA DVD drivers, a bug in the VISTA port of Nero or my favorite, a conflict introduced by the extra DRM restrictions in VISTA.

Hmm, are these regular old DVD or HDMI?

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