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dvd burner


The Analog Kid
Yeah the NEC 2500/2510 is supposed to be good.
BenQ makes a good burner.
Lite-On's are good, but you will have to tweak it, massage it and play with it.


Quazatron R6 droid
Does the burner you mentioned Zerohour have good general stats to look for when considering DVD burners?

The reason I ask is because If I can get something for that price or slightly cheaper with a slower burn/read speed I can probably ask a relative to get me one for my bday thats coming up in august :)
Its the cheapeast Dual Layer burner I could find.
That means its got future support. Also it has 8x DVD burn which is not the fastest anymore but its still real good for the money.
I'd say it's worth it. But not because it's Dual Layer. That still has a ways to go. It's worth it cos it's a good burner, reliable, quick, good media compatibility etc. I'd go take a look over at cdfreaks.com They have a specific NEC forum. You can research some problems you *may* have...

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