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DVD burner

i am looking in buying a dvd burner. i want an external one so i could use it across all my comps. post any good ones that r worth buying. thank you.
i didn't think that they made external dvd burners. unless usb 2.0 or firewire, which most need to add as an add on card anyway. i would suggest internal.


If you just got it in April, you probably have atleast two ports. Look in the front of the puter and see if you have a port there. If not, you should have two (atleast) right by the keyboard/mouse ports in the back. The USB port will look like this:

I just ordered a Sony DRU-500A. It does both formats (+R and -R). They also make an external version called DRX500UL. This one does Firewire and USB connections. If you want specs, you can look up DRX500UL on SonyStyle.com. I tried to link, but Sony's website hates us all.

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