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dvd burner with buffer underrun support

im looking for a dvd burner which writes around 12X or 16X. I want it to have buffer underrun technology. I do most of my shoppping at newegg.com but i can not find many drives that say they support this. Is this a rare feature in dvd burners? Is it not as needed as in CD writers?


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nec 3500

EDIT: btw thats the best dvd writer out right now its 16x, there no question about it being the best, head on over to rpc1.org after u buy it to get rpc1 and rip lock firmware patched by the dangerious brothers!

i have a nec 2500 patched to the 2510 and its great, cant wait till i get to college will update my pc all over again!
Buffer underrun is standard now. 12X and 16X are fairly new 8X is becoming standard.

Now the bad news. Don't count on finding media that records at those speed reliably and if you do find media don't expect it to play back in home entertainment equipment at all and it probably won't play back too well in older DVD drives.

DVD media quality is still the weak link.
yo i got nec 3500 great to write DVD R/RW and CD R/RW so it also saved me the money from buying a cd burner but it's not a combo it's just a dvd burner it's great you should get it


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celticfan11 said:
ah okey
so if i buy a 12x or 16x chances are it has buffer underrun protection?
I think it would be hard to find a drive that didn't support "under-run" protection these days. It's like trying to find a TV thats not "cable ready". Sorry to throw in my 2cents but IMHO 12x-16x is overkill @ this point in the DVD burner game. Your going to pay good for media and who knows how reliable it's going to be as LeeJend said above. I'm not sure I would go with anything over 8x at this point in time. This is all of course my thoghts and others may disagree as may you. :)
thank you
i never see the buffer underrun protection advertised on dvd burners so i didnt know if they were just standard by now.. thanks for your help guys
by the way i orderd the nec 3500 for 70$

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