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DVD Burner Sony DRU-500A



Hey if anyone can help me out with this burner that'd be great. I just seem to be having a problem making a backup copy of my DVD movies.

The bundled software quits when it gets to the copyright message on the DVD.

So I used Nero ( -- the latest version on their website) and that seemed to work perfectly. I did "Copy DVD" and it read the DVD and stored an image on my drive. Then I put in a blank DVD+RW (could have used - also, I just chose + ) and it copied everything over and said burn pocess successful.

However the movie won't play, it says file format is invalid (it says this in my computer). Then I tried it in my playstation 2, and then my Sony DVD player, and neither one could read the disc.

Nero's website doesn't officially list the DRU-500A as supported, so I suppose thats the problem.

Does anyone know of a way to get this working, while I wait for Nero to support my drive? Thanks so much if you guys can help me!
you don't think the makers of that movie made it that easy to copy a dvd did you ??

not going to get help violating copyright laws here



Confused and Bewildered
It is perfectly legal (in the U.S. at least) to make a backup copy of a videotape, compact disc, cd-rom or DVD that you legitimately own. The Supreme Court said so. It said so before the advent of DVD, but the principle still applies. Visit this page for a non-profit education on your "copy-rights."

The only software that will make a copy of a copyrighted DVD at the moment (that I am aware of, anyway) is DVD X Copy.


thank you freight!! much appreciated! I'll take a look at that site :)

I'd heard it was legal to make a backup, but I wasn't completely positive, and personally I don't care lol. If I wanna make a backup of my stuff for my own use thats my decision. I'm not going and selling it on the black market. Just like I like to make copies of my music CD's to bring in the car, so that if my car gets broken into and they steal my CD case, I won't lose my whole CD collection.

Anyway thats all besides the point, thanks again I appreciate it, I knew someone would be helpful :)
Try DVD-R or DVD+R Your ps2 and dvd player cant read RW. But if it wont play on your puter it was a bad burn. How can you copy a dvd anyway? Arent most dvd's like 6 or 7 gigs? PC dvd media only holds 4.7g unless your using double sided dvds, but Im not aware of any burners on the market that can do that???? I thought the only option was to rip the damn things down and that I imagine would be illegal.


well I just copied my movie so I'm happy!!!!!!! :D

I copied it onto a DVD-RW, and it played in my computer and it played in my sony DVD player. It would not, however, play in my PS2.

That's a good point about maybe the PS2 can't read RW discs, I'll try an R on my next backup, but all I have right now is RW's anyway.

For the record, what I did was use a different program called "Smartripper" that I found for free on the net, to rip the DVD onto my computer.
Then I used Nero to burn the DVD onto a blank DVD.
This particular movie only took up 4.3 gigs of space, so I've actually got space left over on the DVD lol

Illegal or not, I am making a backup of my own movie in case the original ever gets scratched or something, and I see nothing wrong with that.


it's awesome! its EXACTLY the same as the original! perfectly clear and crisp. I didn't do any kind of video editting to make the movie smaller, I just did a straight copy and burn, I don't wanna decrease the quality of my movie at all.

Although while I was digging for info about this, I came across many sites on the net that recommended using various different encoders to shrink the movie size. Mainly by decreasing the audio quality and making a small decrease in video quality. They mostly touted the "divx" file format. But whatever, I'm not looking for that, I want an exact copy.

so anyway it worked great and I'm psyched! Oh by the way I made a mistake in my other post, I didn't copy the movie to a -RW disc, its a DVD+RW (in case you have a sony DVD player also).
Where'd you find this Smarttripper? I'd like to give it a try. Ive lost a couple of my dvds. My dog ironically ate Reservoir Dogs and the Matrix was destroyed in a "drunken hootenanny". Ive messed with Divx a bit but I can only get it to play on my puter and the quality just isnt there.


Unfortunately when you try to backup a DVD that's larger than 4.38 GB...your not going to be able to make an exact copy unless you split it to 2 DVD's....

Can't wait for 9.4 DVD-R media and Drives that will burn Dual layer...life will be a lot easier;)


lol that sucks ditchopper.

I was thinking to myself that soon they'll come out with drives that burn dual layer DVD's, but how long am I gonna wait.. by the time they come out with those drives, they'll have invented a new "tri layer DVD" and then I'll wanna wait for that too lol its a vicious cycle. so I'll work with this for now.

I found smartripper by going to yahoo and typing "smart ripper" two words. I think I dl'd it off of a foreign language website, I just was lucky to find the link. Hang on lemme find the site...

here it is:


click the link at the bottom.

I ran it with my movie in the drive, and it first tried to "unlock" the various movie files, and failed. It told me to "try unlocking them with a player" so I played the movie with my DVD playing software, then ran smartripper again, and it unlocked everything. Then I copied the DVD to my drive. It seemed to make a couple of mistakes--2 files were smaller than what they were on the DVD. Then I went to the "files" section and copied those two files individually, and they were correct in size. Then I exited smartripper and loaded nero and burned from there. Here's a tutorial I found on the web that tells what to do with Nero:


and that should do it :)

I suppose larger movies can be split to two DVD's somehow, but I haven't gotten to that yet.

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