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use dvd shrink then burn the image with ur fav recording software, dvd x copy is not free, and i didnt like the way the software does not work unless your online.


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Steer clear of Pinnacle. Specifically InstantCopy for your question. Use DVD Shrink to copy on to HDD and whatever you want to burn. Usually Nero for most people.


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"CD go bad"... Translations, lol -

The kids use them for ninja stars when no one is looking.

The tray closed crooked.

One side of the book shelf support came loose (CD shower, some went 15 feet).

Did you know that scratching the top is worse than scratching the bottom (I didn't)?

Back up or perish!


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GonZo - what's this about DVD xcopy doesn't work if you are not on line?

Does it go to their site?

If so it means they can shut their $100 software off any time the legal heat gets too hot! That sucks.
Yeah, the polycarbonate is thinner on the label side. I don't think this is true for DVD's, but I could be long. Here's a good guide on archivial storage...

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