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DVD Burner Question?



I have a question on a DVD burner im planning to buy.

What does DVD-R, DVD-RW.DVD+R, DVD+RW mean?

I want to know if the Pioneer DVD-R, DVD-RW A04 Internal IDE is a good brand dvd burner to buy?

Also what is the prefered media type for it?


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DVD Burner

Not sure about the Pioneer as they had a problem not too long ago that was fixed but.......

Anyway I found that the new Sony looks like it records all the formats that you just talked about and it seems like the best technology. Since I never tried either I'm just going with features. I looked at all the companies that have them out. As for the different formats, I'm not sure but I know that some readers do not read the disks that are recorded (I think) in DVD+R and DVD+RW but again I'm not too positive. Sorry.
I would say stop a little on getting a DVD burner, or a DVD RW drive, whatever. It's like once upon a time, when a drive that could write to a CD-R, and nothing more was rare. Wait untill the prices drop and the products get better...
This is the way I heard.
Most compatible with DVD-readers: DVD-R
Next best: DVD+RW

Can't use multisession: DVD-R, DVD-RW
Can't use buffer underrun protection: DVD-R, DVD-RW
DVD+R and DVD+RW does both.

The DVD-RW burners are cheaper than the DVD+RW burners but the +RW are, as far as I know, much better. I saw a brand (NEC I think) who made a DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD+R, DVD+RW burner, cheaper than the purely DVD-R(W). It disapperad from the store a week later though, and I haven't checked back since.

I'd definately go for DVD+RW anyway. Better technology and, hopefully, the future standard.


How fast?

How fast is the 4x DVD+R writing speed?

Are they the same as 4x CD-R writing speed? or actually much faster becoz of difference media?

Any comparable data can be given? ie. Mbyte/sec ,etc


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4x dvd burning is MUCH faster than 4x cd burning... but i don't have figures for you, sorry.

[edit] well, it may take longer to burn a dvd at 4x than a cd at 4x... but the dvd burn is copying data a lot faster, since a dvd holds like 10 times the data of a cd.
The pioneer is the clear choice! If you want to copy a dvd game or movie and be able to use it on a console game machine or a set top dvd player you need the pioneer. Dvd+rw will only work on your pc and thats why some of these bigger companies are pushing it to be a standard. They think it will cut down on the copyright problems they are havin. I got the pioneer A03 when it first came out and its performed fantastic. Makes great dvd backups and copies of those expensive dvds you dont want to purchase twice. With any luck dvd-r will become the standard cause frankly the + is quite lame.
Really? DVD+RW is suppoed to work in most DVD players. Besides DVD-R(W) can't use multisession or buffer underrun protection as far as I know.

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