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i don't really know where to put this, so i just put it here since a dvd is hardware.

i have looked around for answers to this but it always comes up with something like a judge is set to make a descision on this date and it neveer shows the answer.

is it legal to make copies of dvd's games cd's etc. as long as they are for personal backup and you are not distibuting them?


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In the US, according to Fair Use law (Sony Betamax case), you have every right to make a backup. Now the studios and record labels would like you to think that you're a criminal if you make a copy. Games are in a gray area.


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Actually, Dreamliners answer was half right.

It is legal to make copies and to "time shift" (record off the web, cable, satellite,air) based on the fair use doctine.

Unfortunately, the DMCA (Digital Millenium Copyright Act) makes it illegal to crack digital copy protection (and analog copy protection like Macrovision that prevents viewing a DVD through a VCR). Since you can't copy DVD's without cracking the protection it is effectively illegal to copy them on a PC. You can copy them analog if you have an old DVD and VCR that were built before analog copy protection was mandated. If cracking copy protection is not required you can copy anything you want for personal use.

So the best bet is to buy blanks in the USA cheap, visit buddies in Canada, rip your DVDs there where it is legal, and drive home with them. That does not violate any of the laws in the USA. Since you already own the DVDs and blanks no copyright laws or smuggling laws have been violated. Just don't leave any blanks in Canada. That would be smuggling.

And this is why congressmen get $168k a year plus another $100k in perks.

PPS Another reason to hate Clinto. He signed DMCA into law in 1998.
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