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dvd and xp



my dvd player needs an updated driver that costs about $30 ever since i upgraded to xp home edition. does any one know if there is a way around this? like perhaps an alternative driver or sumthing. I have a had time accepting that just because i run a better OS that i have to pay to use something that was working just fine under 98se. that would have to be my biggest compliant with upgrading to xp. so many things that worked just fine now cost xtra to keep running. any way any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


DVD driver issue ?

I rather thinks that it is a codec missing problem. The only DVD player included in Win XP is Win Media Player but Microsoft don't include codec in their Win XP delivery..

To solve the problem, try to install another DVD Player (just as PowerDVD 4): all the alternate DVD Player include codec so after this installation I think you'll be likely able to play DVD with PowerDVD4 as well as with Win Media Player (thanks that Mpeg codec will be installed on your system)


no i have a NEC 12x/40x dvd/cd-rom which was shipped pre-installed into my gateway performance 733. It needs the $30 driver. so with out having to spend money, can i install an alternative driver or something?
According to Gateway your drive is XP compatible and you don't need any special drivers. It will still read Regular Cd's, right? So you need software to play your DVD's, right? Yes, other software will play your dvd's. The best dvd player i've used is PowerDVD XP. I think Windows media player also has an update available that will allow you to play DVDs with it. As for Freeware DVD players, maybe someone else can jump in and give you a recommendation. The only one I can think of that you wouldn't have to buy is the plug-in for Windows Media Player.


Thanx Lonman for all your help. well if i have to buy it then oh well. ill check out powedvd. thanx again

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