Duron 1.1 Fan Question

Would a Duron 1.1Ghz Retail Fan work for a XP 1800+? Just wondering. Couldn't find anything on the fan to tell me what type it is only an AMD sticker with bar code and serial number.


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I would not even consider it. Retail fans barely cool what they're sold with.

I forget the name of the company that does the AMD fans but they are very shoody and made by low end Taiwanese HSF company. www.tomshardware.com had a review of them recently. Do an article search there.

With the XP 1800 you have a real CPU now. Give it the dignity of a decent cooler. You can get a good HSF for around $20 USD. Thermaltake Volcano 9 is one. Check out the reviews. The HSF price has no bearing on cooling ability or noise level or reliability. Junk is sold in all price ranges.

Warning - ask for a fan recommendation at NTFS and you will get deluged with recommendations for $70 fans. Qualify the question with an acceptable price range. ;)
Thank's LeeJend. I don't consider the 1800+ a real cpu...lol...I like my main system's XP2800+ @3200+ speeds SLK-800 vantec tornado cooling...lol..sorry had too. This 1800+ will not be overclocked at all just in my secondary system. I was just wondering becuase I have two heat sinks sitting around one from the duron 1.1 and the other im not sure but they are both AMD retail fans C2316 and C2116 that im not sure how to find specs on...I was trying not to spend money...he he.

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