duplicating user account settings?


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I recently did a clean install of XP Pro and have set up three user accounts; mine has administrator status, the other two have serf/peon status LOL.

I have customized settings for my 10 year old's account, and tweaked hell out of it with tweak ui, disabled balloon tips, set up security settings, etc.

Having finally gotten things the way I like for one of my kids, I would like to create accounts for my other 12 (or is it 13? I'd better go count...) but I really WOULD RATHER NOT spend a half hour going through all the same tweaks for each account. I tried using the "Files and Settings Transfer Wizard" to export settings only, creating a new user, and importing the settings, which worked great except for the registry settings that tweak ui takes care of and such. Still a lot of plodding to do.

Does anyone know of a better way to duplicate a user's account completely? I'm guessing it would involve the CurrentUser directory in the Registry but I don't know how to work with that.

Thanks in advance for any tips.3


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Can you just make an image of the profile you want copied, create the new profile and load the image??? Sounds too simple, huh?


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Geez guys, I'm not sure you get me or I get you. I've also had too much beer so I nneeed some clarification (and to pee).

MadMatt, I'm not migrating my system; in fact i'm totally unfamiliar with the term...does this involve re-installation or anything? I just tweaked heck out of my system and finally have things the way i want, i just want to add more users without having to repeat individual tweaks for each one.

I suppose I could just insert the cd rom and find out...anyway clarification would be nice. thanks, dude


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hey you madmatt you, the only option from cd is "transfer files and settings" which as i originally posted, i've already tried. that works fine for things like wallpaper and stuff but not folder settings, sounds, etc.


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freightgod, have you tried the copy option?:
Press Winkey+Pause
Select Advanced
Press Alt+E
Select your 10 year olds account
Press Alt+T

Copy to another location and rename

This copies all user data.

May work may not?

Just an idea, let me know how u get on.


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Thanks, that really looked like it should work. For anyone who'd care to try it, here's a couple tips:

-If you have Fineprint 2000 installed, uninstall it as it will cause an error and stop progress of copy

-Make sure you create a new profile first and then log on to that profile before trying to copy; otherwise, the Documents and Settings folder for your new user won't exist for you to copy to...

-Don't bother anyway. I succeeded in copying the start menu and desktop icons, but that's about it. I also came up with NO wallpaper and what's wacker, I could not assign one either!!!! Weird and kinda fruitless.

BUT big thanks to a1ehouse; it's amazing how long we can go without noticing a feature in XP! Good find. If anyone is more familiar with making this feature work, I would appreciate more help. Any other ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Just a thought, would it make any difference if i were logged on as THE Administrator before trying this? I don't see why it would, but...


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Best way I've found to dupe user account settings

I've finally found an easy way to do what I wanted to do:

1) create new user account

2) copy the contents of C:\Documents and Settings\Olduser\ to
C:\Documents and Settings\Newuser\ (except for the Olduser's
Documents folder)

TADA! Desktop, sound settings, start menu settings, etc. are now duplicated!!!! Truly simple after all. Saved me lots and lots of tedious tweaking of individual account settings.


Confused and Bewildered
Aw, forget it. For some reason that only worked for one logon. The second time I logged on to the new account, settings were all messed up. Durn it.

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