Duplicate music file finder


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Foobar works for me - just put them in the playlist and then hit "remove duplicates"...

that is, of course, assuming that is what you want to do!
I'm going to organize it... but I figured if I could get a program that found duplicates it would find some that I might miss... I've close to 3000 songs or so that I need to scan.


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are you talking "exact" duplicates, or just songs you may have at differing bitrates, etc

If exact dups, I just sort by size and take a look
Nope, not exact duplicats. Songs at different bit rates, slightly different naming, songs in album's from various artists as well as in album's from a single artist (means duplicate of same song in multiple directories so I wouldn't notice the double). That's why I would like a program.


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searching threw old apps again kyle ?? This one was a year an a half old .. You need some help, I never seen anyone try to push their prog as much as you do .. I hope they bann you for being the biggest spammer in OSNN history ...

I see you have 121 posts, I am willing to bet that 100 of them are trying to sell your product, mostly from digging up old posts like this. Also, I checked your profile, it appears that the only time you do post is when you dig up old posts and try to sneak your program in to it, or start a thread about your program. If I was admin here, you would have been banned long ago ..


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cruiser78 said:
I tried this, but all I got was an error. I included a screenshot of it. I tried it a couple times but got the same error each time.
Try with AudioGrail (K-MP3v6) available on my web site. This but should have been fixed since v5.12

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