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Dungeon Siege


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Alright folks.
So I'm playing Dungeon Siege, and I'm about 10 minutes in when it freezes on me. As in the WHOLE computer freezes on me. This really pisses me off since my computer is a smoothly running atom smasher the rest of the time. ;) Anyway, when it freezes, some high pitched noise, barely audible, comes from my speakers. The freezing now occurs at seemingly random times during the game, which pisses me off 'cause I'm tired of saving every minute or so "just in case." Any input or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I love the game so far, I just wish I could PLAY it! :D
hmmm speaker sound during a crash usually indicates a sound board conflict...are you running the newest audigy drivers? and jus to eliminate possible video problems kick down the res from 1024 by 768 to the lowest setting and play for awhile and see if that helps (anyone but me peeved that DS only goes to 1024 by 768? I wanted some 1280 by 1024 action yeah baby!) if the lower res fixes the problem we can narrow it down to sound or other.


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Alright, so I gave the res change a shot, and it still froze. I think I have the latest Audigy drivers (any new ones since November?). Can you think of another issue? Might it be an IRQ conflict?


new drivers

Few days ago on this site there was a link posted to new Audigy drivers update. Check old news if possible. I have a similar system to yours (AMD 1.67ghz, audigy 5.1, and same vid card) running win XP Pro and so far no problem with Dungeon Siege in the highest resolution. Also you might want to check out the forum the PlanetDungeonSiege site they have a troubleshoting section established there as well.


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Holy Hell.

That was way more trouble than it needed to be. I tried switching the PCI slots that the Audigy was in, but I had some...complications. A couple of the slots that I tried let my computer boot, but when it came to the Windows logo startup screen, there was just a black screen and it wouldn't go any farther. Wouldn't let me power off, either. I either had to hard reset or unplug the PSW. (eep!)
APPARENTLY that's not too good for my PC, 'cause after a while (after finally putting the card back into its original PCI slot), Windows ran through ScanDisk for about an hour while it fixed my drive from all the fake power outages it had experienced. Anyway, the PCI slots that DID load up windows didn't make any difference. The game still froze. (Dammit!)

As for the new Audigy drivers on this site, I think the ones you're talking about were for the Extigy. Damn.

Is there any way of assigning a different IRQ to a device within Windows itself? Might I have a bum card?


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I had a problem where the game would not load at all. I have the turtle beach santa cruz sound card and GF 4 TI4400. First I had the 28xx drivers then I switched to 27xx still wouldnt work. Switched back to 28xx and tried 640x480 safe mode and whala the dang thing worked. I now play at 1024x768 32bit with no problems. I dont know how or why, I'm just glad it works now.
I personally do not like creative lab products.


You might want to disable the sound just to verify if thats causing the lockups. Also I heard that if you have the EAX option enabled in the game that "might" cause issues with DS and Audigy card.


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Tested the game with EAX disabled, still froze. Ran it with SOUND disabled, worked fine. So it's obviously a sound issue, methinks. Okay!

Now that we've got the problem more or less isolated, let's try and figure out how I can fix it! ;)

BTW, thanks for everyone's help thus far!


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Well Jestermask I dont know in your circumstance but for me and my friend it was definately display drv's. The latest Nvidia drv's solved all our problems.[leaked det...]


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I have the same problem, only it happens once every 2 hours or so - I know that it's my GeForce2 MX card that does it because it causes my system to freeze at other times as well(yes, I have the latest drivers - Imma buy a new card next month :D Sick of this trouble).. Anyway - I figured I'd share this solution in case the game won't start after a system crash(I had that trouble):

1. Go to C:/Documents & settings/<user>/my documents/dungeon siege

2. Then copy the save games dir to a safe location.

3. Delete the dungeon siege folder(the one in my documents, not the actual game!)

4. Start the game and when it's working exit it.

5. Copy you saves into the /my documents/dungeon siege folder(the auto created it when you loaded it)

6. Start the game and BINGO, you have all you saves and a running game..

I know this didn't take care of your trouble, but I had to install/uninstall/install/uninstall DS before I figured this out so I might as well share it :D


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Bum sound card?

Mmkay, so this weekend I basically rebuilt my computer. Formatted the HDD, reinstalled XP, and checked to make sure my sound card wasn't sharing any IRQs with anything else (just to be sure. It's got it's own happy little spot in IRQ 10. ;)) Unfortunately, it didn't seem to help. Might it be a bad sound card? Should I take the Audigy back and get one that works?

Helmer, I tried your suggestion, but nothing changed. :(

Thanks so far guys. :)


I/O voltage of motherboard should be set to 3.30 I know that ABit and Asus has it in the manual 3.4 but its wrong the GF like it when its set to 3.3
:) :D


Questions R me
Ah, my suggestion was only if you game wouldn't load after a crash, sometimes the crashes corrups some settings files in the folder I specified - It wasn't a solution to your problem, I still haven't figured out a way to solve it :(

I can play for anything between 30 mins to 3-4 hours before it crashes, but I'm not playing the game anymore, it get's very linear - maybe I should check out multiplayer :D


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Try This


Try pulling your AUdigy and playing it without your sound card in the box. I've used Creative Labs products for years and have rarely had a problem. I'm playing DS at max res with no problems at all. I have a Geforce2GTS Pro and an Audigy Platinum.



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Stuff to Try

First off, thanks for all your help. Between your guys' posts and the support that "Steve" at Microsoft's Help and Support (which I HIGHLY recommend using if you have issues with any Microsoft product), I have plenty of stuff to test and try. It'll take a while certainly, but I'll get to all of it eventually. :)

In the meantime, keep those suggestions coming and once the problem is solved I'll let everyone know! :D


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