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Dungeon Keeper II


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I recently bought Dungeon Keeper II and it installed great I have the odd few times were it locks up and I have to restart the game but that doesn't bother me! What does is that the narrator keeps repeating the same line over and over "the very rock yawns at the anticipation of your next move" and auto zooms to any room in my dungeon! It does this to the point were I can't play it properly any more because it keeps auto zooming all over my dungeon.

If anyone has any idea how to sort this problem please get in contact!

Dark Atheist

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xp? vista? do you have directx 9 installed (latest) graphics drivers, chipset drivers, have you tried running it in compatibility mode? 640x480? 256 colours?


OSNN One Post Wonder
I finally fixed it! If anyone is interested here is how.

> Run DKII

> Once the menu is loaded hold down ctrl alt delete

> Task Manager will open and the game will minimize

> Right click Dungeon Keeper click "Go To Process" this will go directly to
the process in the processes window

> Right click the process should be something like "DKII.exe" click "Set Affinity" this will open the "Processor Affinity" window

> There should be two "CPU" processes checked, uncheck one of them I always keep CPU0 checked and uncheck CPU1

> Close Task Manager and click the Dugeon Keeper II tab on the taskbar

Hope this helps people out!

Shamus MacNoob

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WinlauncherXP was made for the games that have trouble with multicore CPU's and there are alot of games that run weird on more than one cpu... I love the way it can launch games from a list you make yourself.

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