Dumb Power Supply Question...


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Um, I have a True Power dual fan power supply. The second fan faces upwards which is kinda useless in my case since the top of the case pretty much rests on the top of the power supply. Wouldn't it make more sense to have the fan pointing downward so it is over the CPU? I know some cases have a space above the powersupply so the fan facing up kinda makes sense, but I still think it would do more good to have it facing down.


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Yes, I agree. The problem is there is about 1/8th of an inch from the top fan to the top of my case. Not enough space to ber effective. Basically the secind fan in the PS is turning for nothing. I just thought it would pull out the rising hot air coming right off the CPU better.

I have a fan in the top of the case itself (see sig) so there wont be any hot air trapped up there.

I might just go home tonight and turn it upside-down unless anyone can think of a reason not to...


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Well, one would think so, but I mounted it so the lettering on the sticker and the voltage selector switch numbers are right-side up. That makes the fan facing up. The Antec manual is quite good except for the mounting part. It is a relatively easy thing to install, I was just curious because it almost makes no sense the way it is now.

I suppose the voltage numbers would be right-side up if I were to mount the ps fan-down and look at the back of the PC when I am upside-down. :rolleyes:
Who cares about the sticker? Do you read it often? Mount the PSU upside down if you can (screw holes and stuff). Better to have the fan the right way than the sticker. And it won't harm the PSU either.


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Well, I don't really care about the sticker placement, I just figured the sticker would be a clue as to the way to mount it.

Anyway, I remounted it last night and its running fine. Hasn't helped my temps at all (still at ~45 full load), but at least it's mounted right :)

You would think Antec would have said something about proper mounting.

Thanks all.

Gus K

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That is the latest trend in PS's, to have the inlet over the CPU, on the bottom (not in the front). Your temps are well within spec. CPU temps aren't absolute, they are dependant on your case temps. Good case/fan layout is more impotant than expensive HSFans.

AMD's white paper's on temps/cases make for very intersesting reading.

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