Dumb newbie HL question


Debiant by way of Ubuntu
29 Aug 2002
Part;y because of stuff I read here and generally from net awareness and also because I finally decided I deserved it and also becaue I gotta exercise my AMD 2800 somehow....

I eventually bought HL.... - the "4CD edition with all the whotsits and CS etc etc"...

OK OK - I only got as far as "Unforseen ciscumstances" this weekend... but that's not the point....

I just decided I wanted to try the online side - maybe spectate or chat - and all I get is my version is out of date (eventually comes up with windoze window saying I am on V1.1.0.8).

Now I THINK I know the reaosn, I am using a router... what want to know is how I fix this to work.

I know you guys will have the answer and I appologise for being dumb and promise to be more of a contributor in the future - somehow or other....

(Sorry my morale is low having not got to the office complex or blaster pit or anything else yet!)
I think HL is on version if you're using cs1.5.
although correct does not resolve!

TY Ming - you were faster than google - and I have to do the Simpson GIF thang and write out "I must google before I ask dumb questions on NTFS" q00 times!

Then again - I install the Sierra whotsit autoupdater thingie - for and it still comes out the other end telling me my version is out of date.... it is late and I am getting confused, is my router a problem? Surely not I think now....
Well, I'd say it's the settings in your router/firewall coz I can't check for updates when I'm connecting through a router.
It works fine when I'm using a standalone modem.
OK - TY Ming, being late I'll hang on to see if anyone confirms/adds to your input - because I cannot quite see the reasoning... and BTW being behind a router I am not using any firewall (unless anyone tells me otherwise, I feel quite secure this way)

If you continue to have trouble with an autoupdate do a search of gaming sites for a downloadable copy of the update. You can usually find them for most games and updates. Sometimes the auto update doesn't work right (ISP, router, firewall, phase of the moon, etc.) so they provide the file the old fashion way also.
I agree with Leejend on the update files. Though I'm not too sure which sites have updates for HL itself as I only play the CS mod.
You can download Steam if you want, it's the newest version of HL and mods. However, I rarely play on Steam because I find it very buggy.
incase anyone is interested

I went here and got the upgrades (first to 1109 then to 1110)...

now I think I just need a server addie to see if it works....

and also to work out what the diff is with CS etc etc - and maybe run the other three CDs through my machine too?
Servers - go to www.cs.jolt.co.uk -> some CS servers in the UK.

Personally, I like the graphics and gameplay on CS over HL and the other mods. It's not the best, but I find it much better than the other mods.

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