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Dumb Client Emails


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I get so many dumb emails from clients that I decided to start a thread. I'll probably forget about this thread, but this email that came in last night takes the cake. Best email I have ever received from a client.

Hi Matthew:

I have been playing a few CD’s in my modem( I think that is what it is called) and all of a sudden it does not play them anymore!

Please advise.
I would paste some I get from working support at a webhost, but I'd have to import half 2/3rds of our support desk database :D


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Along similar lines, I noticed this today:

How is Folding Home helping find cures for diseases?

Does the electricy go from our PS3 and go towards a university and they sell the electricty for money or do they use the electricity for themselves?

And how does it go from our PS3 to them?

Can anyone explain this to me without getting too much techinal
Made me laugh anyway!



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I work as a tech support at one of Swedens largest companies. A customer calls in, identifies himself as a Research and Development customer (supposed to know everything, even more than me). And he says:

Customer: I am supposed to start using this new software.
Me: Ok, whats the name of the software?
Customer: Notepad.
Me: Come again?
Customer: Yeah Notepad, where do I find it?
Me (wondering if this is a prank): Umm.. Start > Programs > Acessories > Notepad.
Customer: Then what?
Me (doubting this is for real): You start to write?
Customer: And then?
Me (shaking my head): You save it...??
Customer: And how do I do that? I mean, if I click on Save, where will it be saved?
Me: Well, wherever you choose to save it; your desktop, my documents, your homeshare...
Customer: Ok and then?
Me: Well... you're done.
Customer: Thanks! (Hangs up)

I looked around to see if any of my co-workers were ducking behind their desk giggling but no... this was for real. I started to laugh my ass off, my manager had to come tell me to laugh more quietly :D And it still brings me much joy to remember this conversation, I doubt I will ever forget...
Oh what joy. :p

Now this one is brilliant!

Customer just bought a PC, full extra. After 2 days he called, and said that the cofee cup support is broken!

Yeap! The CD Rom...

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