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Duel boot system



Any Ideas on this problem.
First I have a 80 gig C: running xp pro. I also have a 30gig hdd partitioned into two 15 gig hdd D: and E:. The D: has a MBR partition and windows 2000 pro. the E: is empty for now. The problem I'm having is that I can't seem to get the windows 2000 pro. to boot. I've tried to change the boot in cmos and also installed a program that lets you choose where you boot from. But everytime I boot Windows Xp comes up. If I boot form C:, D: or the Master Boot Record in the D: same results, XP. I have partition magic 7.0 and running a NTFS system all around. What am I doing wrong? Any thoughts on my problem......Thanks. Oh yea one more thing. I'm the admin on a one user system. So I'm not locked out of any controls. And I am willing to format The D: and E: and reinstall or what ever it takes to get the duel boot working.. Thanks again;-)

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