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DUDE WTF?! Programs dont work?!!!


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WTF is wrong with my comp. a minute ago it was working fine until the norton system work did a scan and fixed the problems on my com,puter. now my cumpoter is like messed up. Whenever i click on a program like counter-strike it says Run as. A window pops up saying Run as. Computer in this something blah blah blah. and this applies to all my the programs. I cant do system restore for some reason i dunno when i click on it, it dont work. tahst kinda weird. plz help me cause i'm getting a radeon 9700 pro tomorow and i want my comp to be normal!!!


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If you're putting in a new 9700 Pro you may as well do a format/reinstall. If that's outta the question then perhaps try running xp in safe mode or do a Repair using the XP CD.


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No! I said i'm getting a radeon 9700 pro tomoirow and i want my computer to work fine. But my computer cant work. Its like the files are messed up. or the registries are messed up. I'm in need in desperate help! Can i reinstall my computer? How? System restore dont work when i click on it even when i click on it on safe mode. plz help. need desperate help plzzz.!!!


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Can you do a "SFC /scannow"?
Are you getting error messages?
Can you open any programs at all (go to a program files folder, open it and click on the .exe file that opens the program. does it)?
Does your computer boot normally (problems only with opening programs)?

How far away from just doing a clean install are you? What would you lose if you just wiped everything clean and started over?

...and can you save that info?

(everytime I browse one of these forums I read messages starting with HELLPPP followed soon after by NORTON. Sounds like it got in there and mucked things up good. For your new $300 video card I'd want a nice clean new unmucked up system, which is why I'd just wipe it and start over, but it might not be that bad. Maybe all your shortcuts are mucked up)

One other thing. What were you trying to fix with Norton in the first place???



format. or try to undo the repairs that you made with norton. best way to install radeon successfully is to format anyways.


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no it has nothing to do with radeon 9700 pro i just said i'm gona get it tomorow. hey is there any way to restore ur current registry? in regedit? cause i think tahts whats casuign the problem. See. ummm I did a Norton System Works scan so it can fix the registries and ****. and it said it fixed the registries liek 20 of them. and now the resitries are ****ed up i think. so is there liek a program where i can download a recovery registry?
can i solve the problem with the windows XP CD?


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if you used the windoctor with norton systemworks just use the undo function it will restore the changes it made to the way they were, other than that im sorry but its format time.


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ok let me get this clear for eveyone on what my problem is.

Ok ummm first of all i did a Norton System Works scan and scanned the registries and stuff. i said it fixed it. so then heres when the problem starts. Applications/programs/HELP Menu dont seem to work right. when i open up an application its like a window pops up saying "Run as" Login/password. and stuff. for the help menu the thing is that when i click on computer details its liek while it scans it says UNDEFINED. and its like 20% and stops there. I tried doing the system restore in the help menu but when i click on it it doesnt do anything i just keep clicking it and it doesnt open! how the hell am i suppose to solve this? My computer worked fine a few minutes ago until i did that norton systemworks scan and it fixed the messed up files and fixed all the files and stuff. What the hell is goin on? How do i fix this problem? How can i do a system restore if it dont work on the help menu? and how can i restore some of my registry files in regedit?
Yeah everyone understands your problem, you need to backup the mp3s and whatever you want to save on cd, then format your hard drive and reinstall windows so your computer will work normally for your Radeon.


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that's kinda fun. Norton not only mucked everything else up, it mucked ITSELF up too. HooHoo Norton!!!

Ok, short of just kicking it and doing a clean install (2 votes so far), you could do a search for *.reg and see if you can find a backup reg file in norton somewhere, then you could right click, merge, and reboot.

You could try and repair norton, through their cd or through add/remove programs.

You could try and see if you could get to system restore through safe mode

you could type in SFC /scannow from Start/Run (you need the xp cd)

You could do a repair from the xp cd (never done it, don't know much about it)

just trying to help

kip(EDIT 3 votes)


DBZ - Yes its in me!
yup its definityl format time backup your stuff and pop in your windows cd and reinstall it. wow uve successfully killed windows.


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well i tried doing safemode but all the problems are still the same even when i'm on safe mode. i cant access system restore throguh help mode! i need to do somethign else. i got this windows XP CD i dunno what it does. man can anyone help me o0ut.


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ok whenever i try opening up norton anti virus it says this error mesdsage

"Thgis file does not have a program associated with it for performing this action. Create an association in the Folder Options control panel."


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Once (actually the last time) I used Norton with 98se and GoBack it did a pretty defrag with system files in one color and most used files in another etc. and it spun the defrag so bad when it was done it looked like one of those paintings you make at the fair with the spinning disk and the squeeze bottles of paint....


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In Windows Explorer, go to Program Files>Norton. find (what's it called, Windoctor?) windoctor.exe and double click on it. Does it open?

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