Duct mod for volcano

this duct mod for a volcano and up, i can get it for 6$, is it worth putting on my system??

now the only way i can think taht this will imporve performance is that i have 2 exoust fans hear my cpu and they pull a alot of air away from the intake for the CPU, would this help cooling at all or is it a waste of money?

basic pic below


i had using it for 2 to 3 month... no prob
but u wont notice any significant decrease of temp ;)

but it definitely help spread the cool air to the heatsink...
it also decrease the noise of the heatsink


hardware monkey
the exhaust fans can't pull air away from the intake of the cpu fan. they simply keep a flow of fresh air going through the case and the cpu fan sort of just yanks down some of that passing air and throws it on the cpu.

so if you have two exhaust fans and a decent power supply, i'm sure your cpu is already getting relatively cool air and the ducting mod won't make that big of a difference.

but air does get heated up just by pasing over the harddrives and motherboard, so you should see at least some difference in temps if you applied the mod.

really up to you. :)

[edit] can you give me a link to this mod? i don't think i've seen it before.


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I have one my system would run around 107 to 110 put the ducting mod on and it stays at about 99 and thats with out the fan turned all the way up. it also (on the volcano 11) gets rid of that high pitch squeel. its still loud but not as shrill anymore.

Im also running a 2800+ if thats any kind of indication of how much it helps.

also the "real" ducting mods are the ones where you make a hole in the side of your case and run a tube or a hose to that hole so your cpu is pulling "cold" air from outside the case.


agreed with krux on!
my ducting mod are facing towards the front.... then i use the zalman casing fan (which attached to the side of the casing and put near the cpu) to try spread some cool air to the cpu... ;)

btw now after changing the mobo... my idle temp is 31~32 while working temp is around 34~35 (easytune4 and bios) in which i definitely think it should not be like this since the previous mobo, i get around 39~40 idle and 42~43 working.

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