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Dual Raptor 74GB 16mb Cache

Well, I've finally decided to go with 10k rpm Raptors for my main machine.
I'll be setting them as RAID 0 to boost the speed even more. Maybe I'll write a review on these drives for everyone.

I got them from Newegg.com for $169.99 with free shipping, and then a $30 MIR to make them $139 each.

These are the new model with 16mb cache. Although, I wish they'd have SATA2 models of these drives.


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I have the Raptor X version and I've read that these drives blow SATA 2 drives away. I don't think you will see any difference.


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I hope I get the chance to build a real sweet rig again someday, this machine should really haul!

What will your CPU be?
I'm keeping the Opteron 175 that I have. It's a great processor. My rig overall is a good setup, something that will last me until DX10 cards come out. The processor can take anything I throw at it, the ram is enough, the video card is enough for what I need, and finally the Drives are where they should be at... Since I was using a 120GB Seagate SATA 7200:7 drive for years.


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shepscrook, what do you do with your machine work or play?

well i just read up on these drives, i am now very interested, wouldn't mind my pc starting up in 4 secs.
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do you notice a large difference in how xp starts up or games or anything? whats the noticable difference.


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well whats much faster give us actual times, for instance right now because of all the crap i have i think my xp starts up in maybe a minute.


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I never had the dual obviously, and I think the ones I had were the 8mb cache, but these drives are AMAZINGLY faster than any other desktop drive out there. I believe I did a XP install with an AMD 3500+ in about 12 minutes :eek:

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