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Hey Guys,

What would happen if I was to put a PIII 733mghz and a PIII533mghz CPU onto a dual CPU board? Would the mobo blow up like some yahoo who works at the local BestBuy told me. He's talkin' like shards of mobo would be flying from the case and embed itself into my walls at my house. What would really happen, honestly?



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well it should be dependent on the FSB or whatever jumper you tweak. If that's the case then you'll either OC the 533 CPU and put that to its very limit (and blow it up) or you'll under clock the 733 CPU and not allow it to run at it's optimum speed.

Does that sound ok to you guys? Coz I'm only thinking of logic here. Don't really have a clue as to what will really happen.


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Q: Can I run 2 CPU's with different speeds?

A: Yes, but it is not recommended, nor guaranteed to work well. I have yet to see someone report running different speed CPU's without problems. So long as you can raise or lower the speed of one CPU to match the other by changing the multiplier, it will work fine. Obviously, this is a bit of a problem with Intel CPU's and the Athlon XP--to a certain extent. Basically, just buy the CPU's at the same speed and save yourself the hassle.

link = http://www.zone365.com/content/10/25/1


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I personally am not going to try it. This was more of an information question. My assumptions first were that the faster chip would be forced to operate at the same speed as the slower one.


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