Dual OS!! HELP??

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by SUbsysT9, Sep 2, 2002.

  1. SUbsysT9

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    hi all

    ive install winxp clean on a 60 gig hard drive. now after a while wanted to install win me but cannot install it on c: drive becuase win xp is there. any ideas on how to do this??

    thanks in advance
  2. SUbsysT9

    SUbsysT9 Guest

    wont i loose all the data on drive c:? and if not what happens to all the data when i remove partion c: with fdisk? i would like to still keep win xp.
  3. djwhite

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    If teh 60GB is one partition you are out of luck. You'll have to create a secondary partition. Put ME on C: and XP on D:
  4. zoey

    zoey Guest

    Not if you use partition magic, which also comes with boot magic. I have 4os's on my system all work great. U can add copy or delete in a flash. It will even let you shrink a partition to add an OS.
  5. koko

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    Columbia, S.C.
    ditto zoey!

    partition magic is da bomb!
  6. SUbsysT9

    SUbsysT9 Guest

    well i like to first thank everybody involved for giving me the advise, but later last night while trying to work with partion magic it crashed and i did loose my data which was worth 20 gigs of pretty important stuff and the drive is not accessable now (i was warn and did not backup i am an idiot and thats that) so will have to do it the norm and zero fill the hard drive install good old win me and then win xp. :( will try this again one day, have to get it right for other to know about.
  7. OLDoMiNiON

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    yup, partition magic is good, but if it crashes during operations u are pretty much foooked, same happened to me once, i nearly punched though the wall next to my puter :-S i was not a happy chappie!