Dual Opteron, Dual GPU?


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to all you motherboard gurus out there,
does anyone know of a good dual opteron, dual gpu solution out there? i looked at a tyan thunder and someone had mentioned that the pci16x ports were too close together for a good sli setup. i remember reading the maximum pc volume where they had dual everything. i can't remember what mobo they used though. price limit is about $700, and if anyone knows about any new upcoming mobos that will be out in a few months those are good too.
thanks for your help
why do you want dual opteron? Opterons are not all that great for gaming - you want a dual core athlon 64x2 instead.

If you're dead set on opteron though look at asus.


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some opterons are 939 right? hmm, didn't think of setting up dual x2's. is that possible or is that an opteron feature?
i'm definately dead set on a dual processor - dual core setup. multitasking is another one of my goals....i'll be running a server...we go back a ways and im sure you remember my interest. i'd just like to do it all on one box and not have to worry about space issues or system bandwidth issues.
let me know what you know!
no single X2 but avoid Opterons for anything but workstation or server usage. Single or Dual core athlon64's are better for gaming and everyday use.

Dual core and SMP Opterons cost a ton and a bit. Take a loko at prices on the 28X and 4XX series Opterons :p


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Why avoid opterons?

Most of the 1-way procs are competitively priced and typically opterons have higher tolerance and are tested to higher specs than regular a64's that consumer's use.

If the usage is for server-oriented things, you can always get 1 2xx and then get another later down the road. Look at your server requirements and accordingly decide if you want NUMA or not. There are plenty of board options, but few good ones.

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