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Dual monitors



I want to run dual monitors to display seperate open programs, is this possible and has anyone got any advice
I run dual monitors with ati hydravision. Not only does it work great but its one of the best upgrades Ive ever made to my system. It rocks.


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I run both my monitors @ 1280x1024x32bpd and 85hz...

hydravision is a great tool... can't imagine life without it :)

dual monitor is good if you want to multitask... and I do... :)

and yes it works well... most decent video cards have support for it...


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I use dual monitors utilizing two video cards. One AGP and one PCI. Also, if you decide to run dual monitors, look for a program called UltraMon. Very good dual monitor program.
you can run up to 10 with proper video card support. i have 2 duals and one quad is very nice

most matrox cards support dual g400, g450, etc . new parella supports 3 and g100 and g200 mms cards support 4 each you see below its all i use......2 pci quad cards and one agp dual and youll have all 10 monitors in one computer......a video wall

matrox is pretty much the originator of multi head cards most common card on the stock exchange..........
may not be the most high tech always but they definatlly last well
my g100 quad card is more than 12 years old and still runs 4 monitors like a charm
you could put in an agp and a pci doesnt matter how it talks to it as long as it does.
could be some cards are made in both formats....... i have 2 g400 cards laying around, one is agp one is pci..same card though


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i meant more along does the card have to be the same model, as i have an AGP GeForce 2 in here, and theres a 4mb ATI (pci) card sitting in my 133mhz in the other room, which could be yanked out and put in here for dual monitor fun... if its possible... ?


I may actually be insane.
woot then :D
I'll grab the 4mb ATI out the other box at some point tommorow.. and nick its monitor, i'll let you know if it works.
Originally posted by SPeedY_B
oh, and Windows trouble shooter wasnt any help :p
Now that was a surprise. Not.

Looks like you have a driver problem. I hope. :) I wonder if there are any new drivers for that card...?


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I have used a Radeon and a Rage128 both mixed with a Geforce with dual monitors. It may be the 264VT2 that's giving the problem. Try the latest XP drivers for it here.


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multi monitors?

whats that? like more than one monitor?

ati is incompatible with that? lol I doubt it mate...

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