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DUAL MONITORS...... shows 4 of them???

I am having a problem running my dual monitors with my MSI gf4 ti 4200 128mb card...... i re-installed my drivers (i tried 30.00's and 30.82's) and they work fine, but once i reboot or change the resolution it'll show 4 monitors in my device manager instead of 2, and my resolution cannot change from 840x480x32 (used to be only 840x480x8 :( )....atleast i have 32 bit now.... but i think its cause the other 2 useless monitors are using up the resources for this settings, because when they arent installed it will let me go higher in resolution...... any experts here know anything about a fix or solution for all those monitors using "EXTEND MONITOR ONTO DESKTOP" without having 4 monitors showing? thx in advance,



Prodigal Son
I have dual monitors but not on GeForce. Someone else may have the answer you are looking for. But, in the meantime, you can check out --> ultramon . It is a very good "multi" monitor program. If I remember right, it has a feature that will allow you to "ignore" monitors that aren't really there. I guess showing monitors that don't exist happens sometimes.
i did....

i did delete them and i even tried diabling them, but they just reappear.... well if i disable them, they are still using my resources....


ps....thx for the link XSIVFORCE
try just right clicking and disabling the other two, just make sure its the right ones.
is card made for two monitors or just monitor and tv.....
my g100 quad shows 4 monitors in device manager just becaus eit supports them, when you go to video settings it shows 4 but ones not plugged in are greyed out. so is not using resources until monitor is detected and desktop is extended to them
the board i have it plugged into has onboard video also so had 5 until i disabled it in device manager, it show ther with a red X on it now but nowhere else
if you disable them how is it using resources? it doesnt load the drivers on boot if its disabled

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