Dual monitors and taskbar spanning


Must be dreaming...
I've been searching everywhere and trying out different things, yet nothing seems to work. My question: Is it possible to span or stretch XP's taskbar across multiple monitors? I know Ultramon adds another taskbar, but I want to stretch the original. Is it possible? Thanks.
Should be automatically :unsure: I have just set up a computer with a Matrox G550 card and dual DVI ports and the stretching was done automagically.
hmm, I know two ways of going about making the wallpaper span both screens, rather than replicating, but I'm not sure about the taskbar

before I drop an image onto my desktop, I usually go into photoshop and add a fake bar to the right hand side, so that it doesn't look tacky, but of course that isn't functional.... hmmm, now I'm interested too. I'm assuming that it's a driver thing, some such business - because Im rockin' ATI catalyst drivers (and I can see you are too) which obviously don't do it, but if a matrox card does it... *unsure*


If using a nvidia or matrox card the feature is accessible within the driver.
Using an ATI card you'll have to use a third party program.