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Dual MOnitor to GO LEFT?



hi have a dual monitor setup just today. And this is the layout. left comp (comp2) and right comp (comp1). Comp 1 is the first computer duh?!.... i have enabled "extend windows desktop" on the computer but only way is for me to drag my application to the right of Comp1 and then it goes to comp2. But i think its more beter if i drag my stuff from comp1 LEFT to comp2. you guys/gals understand? i know your probably thinking, emm why not Physically move comp1 to where comp2 is. but reason i chose my setup is because comp1 is 17inch while the other is 15. please help.

questions are:
1.) Is it possible for me to drag to the left instead of the right to go to the other monitor?
2.) What are the disadvanges of dual monitoring? advantages would be more space but i want to know the -ve.

i have a Ti4200 setup if u guys/gals wondering.



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if you go to the desktop... right click > properties > display options thinger.. you should see your primary and secondary displays...

you will see the numbers 1 and 2...

basically... drag one monitor behind the other... on top of the other... below the other or whatever else... windows will recognise this position and when you move your mouse it will go to the direction of your choosing... or it should... :)

disadvantages ?

well some apps don't like dual monitoring and wll crash your rig :)

thats the only disadvantage I have found so far...

anyways hope the first bit helps...
One more disadvantage I've noticed is in some games (for example, Baldur's Gate 2 and GTA III), when you move your mouse too far to the right (or left, depending on where your secondary is), the cursor goes into the second monitor. When you click, it minimizes everyting! Arrrrgh! The simple fix is just to disable the second monitor before playing these games, but then I can't have a player's guide/walkthrough/cheat/chat program easily visible at all times like I normally do.

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