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Dual Monitor Help



I just got my second monitor running. It works fine but i have some tweaking questions.

How do you get the taskbar on both monitors?

Why do some video apps or games work good only on the main monitor?

How can i get things to run fullscreen on the secondary monitor?

How can i get 2 apps to be selected? ex. a game and internet explorer.

Why can't i work with a fullscreen app and something on the other monitor?

well i guess i unloaded. I dunno if any of these questions are possible to answer or not.
thanks for any help.


What type of video card are you using ? Need a little more info..If your using the matrox g450 you need to download the current drivers for xp from matrox's web site....
Your probably not going to be able to get things running smoothly on both because you are not using a true dual monitor set up, you are using 2 videocards and have them split into different monitors, for a true dual monitor setup you need to use a matrox or ati card that has a dual monitor connection and is made to split and combine the feeds sorry man


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I am running two monitors with XP, my main screen is a 19" E790 Viewsonic, running at 1024 x 768 resolution. The other screen is a 15" Viewsonic VE150 LCD running at 800 x 600

My main video card is an ASUS V7700 with 32Mg, the card running the LCD is a Savage4 also with 32Mg.

I have had no problems with this setup at all, I can drag and share programs between each screen again without problems. Great for working on webpages.

As for games, I have found that I cannot share the screens at all, though I have read that there are only a couple of games that allow this feature at the moment.

I have my screens set as 1 & 2 and the 19" is set as the Primary and the LCD as the extended monitor.

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Mine works fine its just i was wondering if it possible to make it better. I think dual video cards work better because they have twice the power. Games on mine don't work that great on both monitors, only the main one. Its something to do with someone being accelerated on only one device.

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