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Dual Monitor Dilemma


Must be dreaming...
Ya see, I just finished a dual monitor setup between my HIS IceQ 9800pro, a Mitsubishi Diamond View DV153 15" LCD, and a Samsung Samtron 56E 15" CRT. I can get the dual monitor thingy working fine, but whenever I reboot/shutdown... both monitors work during BIOS and the loading of windows, but when windows itself show up, usually the LCD just blanks out and goes into standby mode. It's getting really annoying... Can anyone shed some light on the situation? Thanks! :)


Kenya believe it...
I had this problem when I upgraded from a gf4 ti4200 to a 9800pro. The way I fixed it was go to the ati control panel and go to options and untick 'Alternate DVI operational mode' and press apply.

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