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Dual Monitor Color Calibration


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For those of you around here that have dual monitor setups and also do graphic design either professionally or just casually I am sure you have run into the problem of windows or video drivers lacking the ability to assign unique .icm and color calibration data to each monitor. As well as setup uniqe color calibration for printers and scanners!

Well after some research I found this absolutely fantastic tool for windows that allows you to actually asign different .icm's to each screen as well as actually view the color gamut of each .icm you have in a 3d space.

Give this page a read for tons more info, the rest of the site is filled with a lot of other great information as well.


Here is a direct link to the peice of software that makes all this magic possible.


I have to say this one of the coolest and most useful pieces of software Microsoft has released for us graphic designers. I wish they would just include this with windows. Anyways, I hope some of you find this useful. :)


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Nice find Aprox. I have a dual setup and although both monitors are made by the same manufacturer they don't show colors quite the same. What's worse, one is LCD one is CRT. This will be very very useful. :D


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I am glad you you like it :D

I have a LCD and CRT myself as well, one is a Dell 20" widescreen (E207WFP) and my other is a Professional NEC 22" (FP2141). Obviously the CRT has much more accurate color, but I use the LCD as a primary monitor due to the text clarity. So, for me being able to assign a color correct profile to the CRT and a "what looks good" profile to the LCD is absolutely fantastic. :)

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