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So what's the scoop here? I've heard that some companies are set to release writers that support dual-layer discs. Is this true? Anyone know of manufacturers and potential dates/prices of release of these drives?

Inquiring minds want to know!



umm, i would just hold off for a few more years, stick with your 4x and downsample..
blueray gets released this summer/early fall and is going to be 30gig or something disc.. i give it 3-4years and dvds might be like floppy disk


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I heard from my dads gf that the are/have burners that have lasers in them that like crarve the lable u want into them. Like they have special dvd or cd and instead on using like a lable maker or writing on them u can pick what u want as the lable and it does it for u. Is this true? and if so is it out?


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TittleBitties, Hewlett-Packard is actually developing that technology as we speak. Reportedly, some of their notebooks and desktop machines should be able to pull this off by coming with these drives by later summer/early autumn this year.

The CD's are special, just like how you can buy "printable CD'S" for certain printers that support them. The CD's will have one side dedicated to data, and the other will be a special layering that you can "burn" an image onto. I don't know if you've ever seen TDK's "Disc T@2" technology, but it's similar to that. The TDK drive that had Disc T@2 would burn a selected image onto the unused portions of the CD-R. Really kind of silly, since once you fill a CD up, there's no space left for an image, except maybe around the edge for putting your name, disc contents, etc.

HP really has a good idea with this, and I think it won't be long before we see other companies joining in, as well as cool products to make colored designs and such.


P.S.- HP is making HDTV's, too. Should be out around Christmas '04. ;)
Considering how unreliable single layer 4x media is I wouldn't waste my time or money on dual layer or blue ray for another 2 years. There is absolutely no consistancy above 2.4x media.


LeeJend said:
Considering how unreliable single layer 4x media is I wouldn't waste my time or money on dual layer or blue ray for another 2 years. There is absolutely no consistancy above 2.4x media.
What bothers me is that I spent 6 months ago £230 on a dvd burner, now I see the same make n model advertised at the same site, for £80.

I wonder if Bill Has shares in all pc components also.
If Bill had shares in them they would still be 230.

I got a "good" 4x at christmas for $129 would hardly burn anything at 4x so returned it. Got a less capable "only 4x for +R" for $59 a few weeks ago. It won't burn 4x media worth a damn but it does ok with inexpensive 2x.

I saw an article by a DVD insider that said there was going to have to be a split in compatibility at the 4x level. One burner just could not reliably do below 4x and above 4x.

Morale of the story. Buy a cheapo 2x now to backup movies and data and look again in a couple years. And do not mail order 50-100 blanks. They vary horribly. Worst story I head was a 100 pc spindle of fuji's. There were 3 different manufacturers media in the spindle.


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I am holding off on buying the plextor 8x drive, just to see the new dual layer burn drives that should be coming out this summer.


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do some searches on google. Some of the manufacturers have already stated that some of their 4x-8x drives will be firmware upgradable to dual layer.

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I forget where exactly I saw it, but if you ordered fifty 100 dvdr spindles, you could get them at $5 a spindle, with maybe $20 S&H. (US of course) I'll check it later, I figure at that price having a few bad eggs isn't an issue. heck at that rate i'd take a 50% dud rate. I plan on buying them, and selling some to friends and such at $10 a spindle. they had about the same deal on cdr spindles. 100 spindles came about $60 with shipping and handling.

will post back to this thread with the website, i have an email from them in one of my free accounts....somewhere