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Dual Channel using 4 slots?


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Just upgraded to an athlon64 3000+ on a Chaintech vf4 ultra mobo. I migrated my 2 sticks of 512mb Geil PC3200 RAM over and everything is working well.

My question is, I'm thinking of getting an additional 2 sticks of the Geil 512mb RAM to fill out my 4 RAM slots and upgrade the total ram to 2GB.

Does anyone know if Dual Channel will work in that configuration, or will it only work when only 2 sticks are used and not four?

Does dual channel really make a significant performance difference? Will doubling my current RAM surpass the loss of dual channel capability?



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I just checked the manual for my mobo and it seems to say that of the 4 RAM slots built into the mobo, only 2 can ever be used at one time? Am I right in concluding this? I've attached the section of the manual that mentions this below.

If it actually is the case, why even bother to include 4 slots? and it seems to imply that it is the CPU that is at fault. is that true?



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hmm, thats odd, usually if they have four slots, they are designed to run dual channel across all four, otherwise they usually have 3 slots, where 1+3 are dual channel and 1+2 are not.


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So is my only option then to sell my current sticks of RAM and get 2 sticks of 1GB each?

That would really suck as one stick of 1GB RAM costs about an extra $30-$50 compared to two sticks of 512mb RAM of the same brand.

I'm just confused why Chaintech would even bother including 4 RAM slots and saying that the motherboard can accomidate a max. of 4GB of RAM.


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I don't think you need 2GB of RAM, you probably wont notice any different between 1GB and 2GB


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I ordered an extra gig of ram for one of my comp, and it made the cpu score go down in benchmarks (athlon64 3500+) So if you are using EXTREME photoshop, or any media editing/creating you wont be needing it. It was fun to see 1700MB free in taskmanger though :)


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I sent an email to Chaintech support asking them if it was possible to load DDR400 RAM in all 4 slots, here was the reply:

yes you can. not recommended due to AMD limitation. it will lower the

Have a great day!


Chaintech America Corp.
Customer Service Dept.

so i guess you can, just shouldn't. somehow this just seems kind of silly from a design perspective, but what do I know.

Anyhow, my reason for wanting to upgrade to 2GB is that I'm a gamer and thought it might be useful for the latest and greatest games on the horizon, not really needed though. Mainly was just curious.



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j79zlr said:
1700MB free = 1700 MB wasted ;)

Yeah yeah, I took the extra RAM out and am using it in another computer. In order to make up for 4 DIMMS I have to OC 200Mhz. I dont know if I'm ready for the jump again

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