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13 Jan 2002
ok so i wanna get dual channel ram and my mobo says max 2gb's of dual channel 2 dimm's so that would mean i would have to get 2 sticks each 1024mb. i havent seen those around all i see is 512 max. i would prefer ocz. but other brands would be alright. so how do i get the 2gb dual channel ram?
btw is ocz ram cheaper in uk then in the states? cuz my dad is going to the uk really soon.
Make sure that it will run in dual cahnnel mode. Some MBs have an issue with too much signal loading depending on how many chips are on the DIMM (single or dual sided).

The price difference won't matter unless your dad is into smuggling which carries a Federal Jail time sentence, the import duties may screw any price advantage. Besides the only place prices are lower than the US are in south east asia.
uk is more expensive for all computer parts ;)
yeh forget the uk for pooter prices, were about 40% more than the US.
why would my dad get in trouble we dont pay taxes here when we bring in small things for the pcs or anything. btw the motherboard is the abit nf7-s revision 2.0. can someone give me a link to some ocz 1024 dual channel 400mhx ram? cuz i cant find it. i wanna get 2 x 1024 for a total of 2 gb of dual channel ram. and ill get it form the states.
You're not gonna see much (if any) of a performance increase with AMD. If I were you, I'd just buy 3x512 and save some $
why don t u see much increase in amd? cuz of the bus speed of the cpu?

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