Dual-Channel DDR or RDRAM???



Im trying to build a new PC but cannot decide on the platform. I was originally going to go with a traditional RDRAM setup with the ASUS P4T533-C but now must consider the ASUS P4G8X Deluxe for a DDR solution.

This will be an INTEL platform for the high-end P4 and ofcourse must SHINE as a top gaming console.

Anyway, the question is RDRAM or Dual Channel DDR???? Any input or experience would be appreciated.


Thats a great site but lacked a little up to date information I was hoping for. My fault for not being specific. I was trying to compare DDR 400 (PC-3200) and Rambus 1066.
After reading into this more from that site Iv'e concluded that Rambus is excellent but unfortunatley exceeded the requirements of todays platforms. This will be much more common in the future I feel as todays platforms can easily utilize DDR memmory for a wide variety of users.
Well let me say that this is a big change for me but Im going to have to strip myself of using Rambus for the first time and favor 1GB of DDR-400(3200) with the ASUS P4G8X Deluxe. Im going with the new Ati Pro card and load up everything else and I think this will accomodate everything better.
As for the P4, I'll start with the 2.4GHZ until the 3.06 comes down from that crazy price range!!!
What speed DDR are you running Zedric?
Thanks for the info............:)

If anyone else is currently using this DDR please let us know how its performing. Thanks....
I run PC2100. My board can't take more than that.

If you want to compare Dual Channel DDR 400 to Rambus 1066 you can look at the benchmark and guess. :) If the DualDDR2100 is almost as fast as R1066 the DualDDR3200 should be faster right?

If you wanted to compare Single Channel DDR 400 to Rambus 1066 I'm afraid I can't help you except to say that DDR 400 is probably slower than Rambus 1066. Try looking around Tom's. They may have som benchmarks on that to.


Dual channel DDR400 (PC3200) isnt that much faster than DDR266 (PC2100), because at 533mhz (2x266mhz) the p4's bandwidth is already maxed out. When the 800mhz bus p4's come out, we will see the real benefits of PC3200 in dual channel config, probably 2nd quarter this year.

Check out this article at AnandTech, near the end of the review the memory bandwidth of rdram, ddr, and dcddr are compared. P4G8X is also reviewed.

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