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Hey I was wondering whats so good about haveing this. Like haveing XP and 98 or somthing, and how can I do this. Can u accually load into xp, and load into 98 and see it like 98? More info please!!!



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I do know that PartitionMagic is really good at setup a dualboot, step by step almost. But the validity of Win98/WinXP dualboot, I personally never found it useful and reformatted after to only one OS. Having Win98 was useless and took up space. You might personally need that setup though. That would be up to you.



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When you have a dual boot setup, you have an option of choosing what operating system you want to log in to. The benefit is that if one of your operating systems screws up, you can just boot into the other one. Kinda like having to computers in one...

To do it, all you have to do is make two seperate partitions on your harddrive. One for Win98 and one for WinXP. Then you should install Win98 FIRST(always install the older OS first), on to the Win98 partition. After you are done with Win98, install WinXP on to your WinXP partition.

After you are done installing XP, everytime your computer boots up, there should a menu that XP makes automatically because it detects that you have Win98 already installed. It's simple really.

I'd recommend Win 2000 over Win 98 for the second OS though.


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Well I have a dual-booting Win98/WinXP system, and I use Win98 for playing older games that aren't compatible with WinXP.


RagnaroK said:
Well I have a dual-booting Win98/WinXP system, and I use Win98 for playing older games that aren't compatible with WinXP.
Thats what I do too. And sometimes when special probs arrise, I can go into 98 to "fix" XP. ;)

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