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Dual booting mayhem


Tomorrow Tweaking Today
Having all sorts of BSOD problems. In Win ME when I insert and eject a CD, sometimes erratically I get BSOD saying system halted file protection error. I've already limited memory to 512MB (Win9x limitation).

Now I can't even get into XP (2nd OS) because of some weird unmountable boot stop error. Scanned HDDs are fine. I'd nearly completed my triple booting striped RAID system too. VERY ANNOYED!


Tomorrow Tweaking Today
Yeah everything installed in order. ME then XP. Gist of stop error is unmountable boot volume. I think it has something to do with overclocking so I underclocked PCI frequency and reinstalled XP - again. Hope this works. Noticed PCI RAID controller worked after shutting down then powering up PC giving time to cool.


Tomorrow Tweaking Today
Cool - PCI frequency was the problem. XP has full stability once again. Still having probs with ME though (lots of techies have said it's a brain damaged OS anyway). Somehow XP is outperforming ME in 3Dmark. Suspect it's the beta ME drivers rather than the OS. Both OSes are super-tweaked to the best of my ability.


Good call, I hate to sound like one of those gimps that says ''you dont wanna use that, you wanna use this" but windows ME was really really bad, If you need 9x compatibility use a dual boot machine with windows 98 on (shouldnt have to if the xp compatability mode worked!!).


Tomorrow Tweaking Today
Trust me I know - I've got ME because at the time when it first came out I got it at a really really good price - I only use it as a secondary OS thank goodness :)

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