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dual boot



Right here goes.

Firstly start with a blank, empty hard disk.

If your hard drive is, say 20 gigs in size, then from your Win 98 boot floppy run fdisk, and forst create your primary partiton, and tell it to use 10 gigs.

Once you've done that, create an extended partiton, in basically the same way as above.

Format both partitons.

Install WIndows 98, then install WIndows XP, to the other partition.

OR you could use Partition Magic, make anothe rpartiton on your HDD and then install XP that way, thus also creating a dual boot.


A few users at my job have had a slight problem dual-booting Windows XP and 98. After following Behemoth's directions, if you get an error stating:

"Error, NTLDR not found"

Do the following:

Put in a Windows 98 disk and boot the machine. At the prompt, type in "sys c:".

This is common on single pin HD's such as Fujitsu and Samsung.
Just like to add: If you already have 98 installed on the full drive, you can use partition magic to resize the win98 partition (providing it will fit in the size you want) and make a new partition for XP without having to fdisk and destroy 98.

Havent tried installing 98 on an existing WinXP in the same way, so Im not sure if its possible.


In theory you should be able to install 98 on a drive which already has XP on it. I did it once with Windows 2000 on the system so I'm assuming the same can be applied if you have Windows XP on the system too.

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