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Dual boot XP & XP ?


I may actually be insane.
Ok, asking this for a friend because basically I don't know :D

Is there any way to dual boot 2 copies of XP on the same machine/drive?


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yep, just do a new install on to a diffrent partion, an when u boot it will bring up the boot box to ask u what one you want to run


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The only problem you'll run into after the install of the second copy is when the boot screen comes up...
You won't know which is which because you'll see something like the following when it allows you to choose between the dual boot OSes:

1. Microsoft Windows XP
2. Microsoft Windows XP


I may actually be insane.
He will be using the machine as an audio production machine, and wants to keep a seperate config (and system folder etc) for general use such as web/irc/mail etc.


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You mean this guy?
Jeff Bone is the founder and chief technology officer of Austin, TX-based Deepfile Corporation where he ponders the mysteries of filesystem management. Previously he was the founder and CTO of Activerse (early pioneer of buddy lists and instant messaging) and of Active Paper (developer of one of the first mobile / PDA-based e-mail clients and Web browsers.) In previous iterations he has delivered pizza, been a nightclub promoter, and done time at Sun and Dell. When not compulsively starting companies, obsessing about software architecture or making trouble on various mailing lists he likes to cook, invent perpetual motion machines, and watch trash TV with his sweetheart of 6 years, Jennifer.

That was google to the rescue. Nope, don't have a clue who he is :D


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Yep do full installs on two seperate partitions and it should work. Make sure to edit the descritpions in boot.ini to differentiate between the two profiles.


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