dual boot (xp/slackware)


format c:
3 Dec 2002
i partioned off 10gigs for my slackware install, using Partion Magic 8.blah

um, now what.. all i can seem to find when i goggle is people with problems that have it already installed, and ways to upgrade my already installed Slackware OS.

maybe im reading over it, but dang, if i cant even figure out how to install it, maybe i shouldnt use it.

(ps, yes, im a complete linux noobjob)
did you try putting in the 1st cd and booting it? :)
yeah i did.. maybe i should reburn the first cd slower..

should my linux partion be on my windows partion?? (same hard drive), or can i have it on 2 different hard drives?
yes it does,.. i formatted my 10gig partion to FAT32 after reading that slackwear would work off of it, but i'll try unformatted. thanks.
Slackware working off a FAT32 partition? Sounds like you're refering to ZipSlack then.

ZipSlack is a special edition of Slackware Linux that can be installed onto any FAT (or FAT32) filesystem with about 100 MB of free space. It uses the UMSDOS filesystem and contains most of the programs you will need. This means that you do not need to repartition your hard disk if you already have DOS or Windows installed. ZipSlack installs into a directory on your DOS filesystem. It can also be installed to and booted from a Zip disk.

This distribution is ideal for people who don't have a lot of hard disk space, do not have a fast Internet connection to download the entire distribution, or who want a Linux distribution they can carry around on a Zip disk.

ZipSlack is basically a stripped-down version of the regular Slackware distribution. Even though this can be quite convenient in certain situations, I would recommend using the regular Slackware distro (i.e. installing on a separate ext3/reiserfs partition) so that you can experience Linux the way it's meant to be.
ahh crap. i didnt install Lilo, and i didnt make a bootdisk.. how to i boot into linux?

edit: nevermind, i went into PartionMagic, right clicked on the linux partition, went to "advanced" and selected "Set Active".. fixed me right up!
you can always boot with the install CD

at the boot prompt

boot: bare.i root=/dev/hda2 noinitrd ro

assuming hda2 is your linux partition.
awwwwww crap

ok im freaking out.. i decided i wanted to get slackware 9.2, but i couldnt get boot to windows, LILO didnt give me that option, even when i set it up to. so i thought i could uninstall that Linux partition using the Windows Boot Disk, and i did.. but when i used PartitionMagic and "set active" partition to boot from, it apperantly doesnt have a backup to switch it.. so here i am after installing windows xp home onto the partition i had linux, and im trying to figure out how to get my XP Pro back to booting.... PartitionMagic was installed on my XP Pro, and i dont have anyway of getting to it, that i know of.

sum it up, how can i get into my Windows XP partition to get into the PartitionMagic and set my active boot partition to my "normal" Windows XP Pro

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