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Dual boot with XP and Mac


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Can anyone help me I’m trying to do a dual boot between XP and Mac Osx?
I have 2 -300 gig drives installed one is currently running XP.

The second drive I have formatted as FAT32 with a 10 gig shared partition also formatted as FAT32.

My DVD drive does not recognize the Mac install DVD.

I have an Intel processor:
CPU Type Dual Core Intel Pentium D 940, 3277 MHz (16 x 205)
Instruction Set x86, x86-64, MMX, SSE, SSE2, SSE3
There's no way to run OS X and XP on the same computer? Who's license does it violate, Apple or MS?
As I said, it's definitely possible (see the link above), but it violates Apple's EULA.

Microsoft's EULA allows you to legally run Windows on any hardware, including Apple machines. Apple's EULA allows you to legally run Mac OS X only on Apple hardware. So basically, the only legal way to run both OS X and Windows on the same machine at this point is to use a Mac.

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