Dual Boot:Use XP install cd to replace 98



My current setup is:

Drive C

Partition 1 (C) 98SE
Partition 2 (E) XP Home
Partition 3 (F) XP Home

Drive D

Data Only Partition (D)

After using XP for awhile, I would like to replace the 98SE operating system with a clean install of XP. (There will be three instances of the same os on the system.) If I start in the partition running 98se and use the XP install cd selecting new install, will this install process remove\replace the files that are in the c:\ directory and needed to boot xp? IE are these files something that I need to worry about in this scenario, or does the install take care of this?

I hope I am understandable..any help would be appreciated. I have seen info about replacing the c:\ partition with an older ver of windows but not about replacing with another instance of XP.

Any help would be apreciated!

just choose clean install, and make sure to check the "let me choose drive letter.." box. When setup starts just format the C partition.

BTW, why do you want three copies of XP?
I have two, one for testing software before i try it on the main setup... tryoing to get rid of my middle name which is Mr fomat-every-two-weeks man ....... Lol! ;)
So, I don't have to worry about any of the boot.ini/MBR stuff because it is the "c:\ partition", and when I am done I should have no problems accessing the other XP installations?

As you can probably tell, I am kinda nervous about this because I have so many programs installed on one of the existing XP partitions. I don't have any experience with "ghost" but that is next.

I am doing some video editing, both analog and digital. It seems that some of these programs are very picky about the system config and the video drivers. If I can get all of these programs to work with one set, it would be nice to have them together on one partition and keep an extra for trying new stuff. The other partition is my stable "vanilla" XP for Office, etc.

Thanks for your time and help!

Could you clear up my questions about the mbr and the boot.ini stuff? Will I have to run recovery console to get the system to see the other XP partitions? I would appreciate it if you could map out exactly what will happen when I replace the os on c:\ with another xp os....specifically in regards to the mbr/boot.ini.

Thanks! kristin
No, you don't have anything to worry about. The mbr will be overwritten by the WinXP setup, but that's just wat you want. It now boots to Win98 and you want it to boot to WinXP. Also the boot.ini is no concern, since setup will indeed detect the other XP's automatically and add them to the start menu. Just select C as your destination and get it formatted.
Thank you..all questions answered!

for now ;)


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