Dual Boot Problem



After running in circles trying to get carmageddon 2 working on XP, I decided to install Win 98SE on an old 2gb drive.

I Installed 98 onto the 2gb drive whilst the the XP drive was disconnected (so it didnt overwrite XP)

Reconnected the XP drive and rebooted

Everything still worked, but to boot 98 I had to change the boot drive in the Bios

I decided to try and get the Boot Menu working by using the recovery function on the XP cd

'Bootcfg /rebuild'

This did not recognise my installation of Windows 98SE on the D:

It only recognised the installation of XP on C:

no matter what switch I used with 'bootcfg' it would not see 98SE on the D:

I could access the D: drive using the 'command prompt'

I even reinstalled XP hoping it would find Windows 98SE on the D: but it did not

PIII 650 @ 100mhz
192mb RAM @ 100mhz
Intel 815EP AGP M/B
Geforce2 64mb MX400
12x8x32 CDRW

Does anyone have any ideas how to fix this?
or does anyone a similar configuration who could copy their boot.ini for me? :)


BTW: I dont need tips on how to get Carmageddon 2 to work cos I tried em all and it will not work

:mad: :mad: :mad:
I may be a bit off on this, but I think Win98 has to be on "C" drive. Try configuring your 2Gig as the master drive (C drive) and the other as the slave (D drive). Im not sure how XP will react to this though, you might have to reinstall.

On my system, I formatted all partitions, then installed 98SE on the first partition (C drive), then installed XP on the next partition.
This is not a tip

This is not a tip to get Caram2 working...its fact. you have to get the no cd crack. I know, i did it (as have many people) and i play it all the time (because i cant complete the last mission)
To get dual booting working follow these steps in this order:

1. Start off with a clean system and install Win98 first on the first partition of the HD in the primary IDE channel (in other words in your C: drive). This is because Win9x OS's can only boot from that drive, it wont work being on any other drive/partition.

2. After Win98 is installed go ahead and install WinXP, you can install it in any drive/partition you want because NT OS's can boot from anywhere, just dont install it on the same one where Win98 is. When installing XP it will detect a Win98 installation and give you the option to dual-boot between the 2 OS's.
I Will Try

scriptasylum - Thanks I was pondering this anyway, you have just made up my mind, I will give it a try and let you know.

Khayman - Thanks, but as I said I tried every thing and it would not work, even the no-cd crack.

s3ntry - Thanks but that is gonna take too long, Im gonna try to change the boot drives around and try to use the repair function.
I had the same problem running Carmageddon 2 on XP, I used the no cd crack and I could run it. I then set up my sidwinder game pad and the game stopped working again. If I remove the gamepad from the game controllers though control panel, I can run the game again. I am using the standard game port, not USB. This may be the same problem you are having.

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