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dual boot how again?

I've been smoking too much crack again and forgot how to do this. I have 2 hard drives in my system. A 40 gig NTFS (xp on this one) and a 20 gig for storage. I want to make a dual boot with win 98 because of the damn infinite loop thing with xp I cant play warcraft 3. Please advise thnx


It's easier to install Windows 98 on the first HD (make the HD you want to install Windows 98 on the first drive), and then install XP on the second drive.

If you don't want to loose your WinXP stuff, you could try installing Windows 98 on the second HD and then do the following:


cd c:\

edit boot.ini

Add the line:

multi(0)disk(1)rdisk(0)partition(1)\WINDOWS="Microsoft Windows 98"

well the thing is that I dont want to lose my stuff on the first (NTFS) drive. I tried to install win98 on the second drive but I don't remember how...


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Here's a goofy additional question, sans le crack:

I've just installed XP Pro freshly; is there any operating system that i can install in addition for a dual boot scenario? is it too late to install a different OS? Thanks.


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1) Install Windows 98
2) Boot Off XP CD
3) Start Recovery Console (have your XP install's Administartor pass ready)
4) Run the command "fixmbr"


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