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DU Meter??



everyone by now must know of this little program that shows upload and download speeds on your desktop.......well is there any program like this that can show you WHOLE network stats.....i have a cable connetion going to hub.....out to 2 computers.........i want to keep an eye on my bandwidth and watch what's going on with the other computer......is there a program that will watch my D/U straight from the netgear switch.........??????
If your switch supports SNMP (which it prbably doesn't if it wasn't very expensive) then you can use that. Otherwise I'd say you probably can't monitor it.
ok first do you have a hub, a router, or a switch? you said hub, then switch...i'm guessing if you have cable your probably have a router :)

most router's have a built in config page and that usually will tell you the full data amt the router has proccessed, so you might wanna look there.

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